Encountering a Grizzly Bear

First thing – as a crew, we haven’t blogged in a re-ally long time. Yes. We’re working on that.

Second – since we’re staying right on the edge of Yellowstone National Park for a couple of weeks, we’re trying to make the most of it and see it as much as possible – and by see it, we mean attempt to see as many cool things as possible. On the list to see? A Grizzly Bear. This evening, we hit he jackpot and this fella was within shooting (photographing) distance. Actually, I’m only about 100 yards away…or so. 🙂 Anyway, we thought it was pretty cool…the kids were able to see it later as it walked closer to the road so it was really a treat. Here’s the best shots I got of him… Check that one off the list!!











One thought on “Encountering a Grizzly Bear

  1. Wow! That sounds incredible–a once in a life experience. I can remember as a small child, we went to Yellowstone from Neb. and we saw the grizzlies, that with the geyser I can still remember how excited I was. We didn’t take too many trips so this was really special. Glad you and the children are enjoying those sights.

    When you get back to Phoenix, give me a call–would love to see you..I will be visiting me siblings in Fresno, Ca. Sept. 25-Oct. 9 but should be here after that. I’ve been back in Az. since Aug.1. (6233-975-4661)

    Have a happy and memorable time,


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