Arizona Sunsets

One of the things we miss the most about living in Arizona is the gorgeous sunsets. Every time we come back, it always just seems more and more intense. I was thankful to be able to witness this setting the other night, and tried to capture it the best I could.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.” – Psalm 19:1



A Hyperlapse

Today, the family took me bowling for his birthday. We always have fun, but the main thing for us is watching the kids. They’re so fun…Isaac loves just the ability to carry a big ball, Cailyn is so dainty, and Hannah is the one that wants to be the professional and is disappointed that she doesn’t always knock the pins down. So today, I experimented with a hyper lapse just to see what we’d capture. I think it’s pretty cool!!

Our Little Street

We live just off of one of the busy main roads here in Vienna, but thankfully our apartment building faces a very nice, quiet, tree lined cul-de-sac. We waited all year to see just how lovely our street would look in the fall…and it didn’t disappoint!



4…and a couple weeks. :(

Of course we’re extremely proud that Isaac celebrated his 4th birthday. We did post about it on Facebook and called family, etc. etc….but I never got around to posting any pics! And yes, Jen made another awesome cake! 3 kids asking every year for unique cakes always gives her a challenge, but she always comes through with something that makes their day even more special! (Special thanks to Uncle Thom for reminding me about needing this post!)

Our little man is 4! unbelievable really. We love the life in him…always laughing, always up-beat…so far not a lot really brings him down. He’s all boy…but also a sensitive soul. We’re excited for the next year! He’s getting so big, and learning so much…can’t wait to see what he’s like this time next year!!






Sweet Sisters

On our hike over the weekend, the best part for me was getting a great pic of my beautiful daughters!!


A Few More Waterfall Pics…

These waterfalls we were taken to by our friends were really unbelievable. I love waterfalls to begin with, and then you through in awesome fall colors, and it was just perfect. I’d never been to a place that had a path that criss-crossed the river like that before, giving you new looks at the waterfall the longer you hiked, where often times you’re fortunate enough to see more than one view. So, with a lot of views, comes a lot of pics!






Fall Colors and Waterfalls

Yesterday we went about an hour outside of Vienna to do some hiking with some good friends. We traveled through some canyons, saw a lot of gorgeous fall colors and some really amazing scenery. Even, though we’re only at the foothills of the mighty Alps, the landscapes are stunning, and the colors right now are spectacular. It really was great to get out of the city, and enjoy some nature! Enjoy some pics!!