Skiing in Austria!!

Last week was a big holiday week in Austria. It’s the week between school semesters (scheduled conveniently to coincide with ski season) where a lot of Austrian families go on week-long ski trips. Seth grew up skiing, but Jen had never tried it. Last year, Seth took the girls to try it, and they did well, but this was also Isaac’s first try. It really was a great week. Getting out of the city, enjoying being in the snow covered mountains…and enjoying this family time was really awesome. Unfortunately the weather really didn’t cooperate so the photo opportunities of the landscape wasn’t really available…but there’s some nice shots coming! First, though…pics of the skiers!

All ready to go!

All ready to go!


All ready to go!! A little uncertainty, perhaps…but ready nonetheless!


Again, this was Jen’s first time skiing. She really did well, even when she was nervous she would fail miserably. She wrote a reflection of her first ski attempt on her blog…check it out! 


With her instructor



First time sliding down the snow…pure joy!



Now it’s pretty serious 🙂


Not that hard!



Cailyn pretty much is just slow and steady. Nothing extreme, but she doesn’t fall!


This is how you got up the hill where we went…you straddle a rope and it drags you up. An added degree of difficulty for people not used to skiing. Kind of cruel!



Isaac ended up skiing with Seth’s help…he was a little unsure of things to start with.


But yeah…at the end of the day? He loved it!



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